Jaclyn A. Palumbo, Esq.
Partner, Palumbo & Sweet, LLC
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Office: (330) 849-5020
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My name is Jaclyn Palumbo, and I am an attorney practicing in the area of elder law, estate planning, and criminal work. I have been practicing since 2014, and after working on cases totaling over five hundred, I am confident in my ability to help clients navigate the complexities of the elder law and criminal realm. I’m a solo practitioner, and I have practiced in the areas of divorce, small business, juvenile law, criminal law, and probate work. Since then, I have narrowed my core areas of focus to estate planning, elder law, and criminal work. Because of my extensive experience in other areas, I am uniquely equipped to manage my clients’ legal needs as they change throughout a case (which they often do!). I am passionate about my career and helping my clients. I am “Of Counsel” to the Sweet Legal Group, and because of that, myself and the Sweet Legal Group can address any of our clients’ many needs.

Estate planning and Medicaid issues can be very complex and terrifying for clients. The blend of emotions, complex paperwork, and tough decisions can render families paralyzed in fear. My job is to help you navigate your legal issues, so that you have more time doing what you want or need to do, instead of getting buried in mountains of overwhelming paperwork.

All estate plans and Medicaid issues are unique, and I get to use my creativity to design plans that assist families achieve their personal and financial goals. No legal issues are ever too big or too small. Everyones’ legal issues are important, and I want to be the attorney to help you navigate those issues.

Another realm of law that is very scary for families is the criminal system. I have been practicing criminal law since I began my practice in 2014, and it is an area of law that is very important to me. My criminal practice is focused in Summit County. I am in court nearly every day advocating for my clients’ rights. I have represented clients with all kinds of charges, from traffic tickets up to and including high-level felonies. I am here to hold the government and the police accountable for any charges brought against my clients, and to be the protector between them and the system. Some of my clients need mental health treatment, drug or alcohol treatment, or just someone to listen to their side of the story. If you or a loved one is going through the scary experience of involvement in the criminal system, please give me a call to discuss your case, and I would love to be the one you trust to help your family navigate the criminal system.

Thanks for taking the time to read my bio, and please feel free to call my office anytime. I will respond to your concerns quickly and efficiently.